Sisterhood's opening event, Sisters in the Sukkah, was a huge success with more than fifty women attending on Monday, September 28th. At check-in we asked the women to write on their name badges a person - alive or not - that they would invite into the sukkah. This ritual is called ushpizin.
The women used their artistic talent to bejewel CDs to decorate the sukkah. Assembled in the sukkah, Susan Cosden, Director of Congregational Learning, led the group in the ritual blessings including the mitzvah of shaking the lulav and etrog. A delicious dinner of sushi, salad, sangria and sweets followed.
Our tzedakah recipient was Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a charity recommended to Jean Goldstein by Rabbi Greg Litcofsky, for its good work with Syrian refugees. Jean thought that Sisterhood, in the spirit of plenty which we celebrated together in the sukkah, might also be moved, and would want to reach out in some small way to ease the plight of the Syrian refugees, whose problems will not be solved any time soon. To read Jean's story click here.
The chairwoman of the event, Susan Posner, said that she always had a vision of a Sisterhood Sukkot event. This year, with the support and dedication of Sisterhood President Holli Ehrlich, it became a reality.