Every three minutes, somewhere in our world, a child is diagnosed with cancer. That’s 20 children diagnosed with cancer every hour - 480 children diagnosed with cancer every day!  The multiplication - 480 x 365 - begins to overwhelm me; though I possess the math skills, my kishkes get in the way and I cannot compute! And, if that’s not enough to shake me to my core, the knowledge that most survivors of childhood cancer  live with health problems - sometimes life-threatening ones - caused by the very treatments that saved them - can be an overwhelming let down!   For years, now, Sheila and I have been supporting those individuals - young children and older adults - who were brave  enough to shave their heads in both spiritual and financial support of these children. Now I’m asking for your support in my attempt to raise funds for, and awareness of, childhood cancer.   Sheila and I will be part of Temple Emanu-El’s Delegation to the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial in Orlando in early November. I have just registered to be one of the “shavees” at the  URJ Biennial "Shave-In” conducted by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. I have never known myself without hair  on my head (OK, for those of you who have begun to snicker, I do admit "there ain’t much up there to begin with!").   In the past, Sheila and I have supported others who have  decided to have their heads shaved as a way of raising needed funds to combat  what is a growing and alarming trend.  We are fortunate that none of our children  and grandchildren ever had to deal with a childhood cancer.  It’s time to admit that we were just lucky and that we need to do something to make a difference in the lives  of the children and families that do have to live with a different reality.  So, I have decided  to see what I look like without that “continuing to recede head covering” that I still call  “hair!” We have already made our personal donation to this wonderful cause.   If you are so inclined to sponsor me in this effort, I would ask you to go to the St. Baldrick’s website - https://www.stbaldricks.org/events/URJBiennialShave - and follow the simple instructions to make a donation in my honor; please include the following information:   Participant: Peter Kasdan (P-807423) Event: URJ Biennial Shave (E-12215)   There is no amount that is too small and also none that is too large.  Whatever it is that you might be inclined to donate in my honor, I thank you in advance.  I cannot wait to see the results; I’m not sure if I’ll be horrified and forced to wear a baseball cap 24/7 or if I’ll like it so much that I will never again visit my Barber Manny. Whatever my reaction will be, I will know that it was for a very good cause.   Thanks, so much, for your consideration.  With much love from Sheila and me,   Kol tuv,   Peter