OPEN INVITATION TO THE GRAND SIYUM;   December 3, 2016 Have you wished for a while that you could start studying Torah? That you could join the vibrant group that meets every Shabbat morning to read and discuss a short passage from Torah? Well, now is the right time! The first 11 people who began to study Torah with Rabbi Dan Levin in 2001 that group has grown to about 40 people.  We have completed our study of the five books of the Torah this month. We are planning to celebrate this accomplishment with what is called (in Hebrew) a"SIYUM." We take time to reflect on the accomplishment, summarize what we have learned and THEN WE START OVER AGAIN! Since this is such an important occasion for not only the Torah Studyniks, but also for the whole congregation, participants are planning with Rabbi Disick an event that will include reading the last verses of Dvorim (Deuteronomy) and the opening verses of Braishit (Genesis) and sharing lots of delicious food. The whole congregation is invited to attend this Grand Siyum on December 3 from 8:45 am -  10:15 am. Come be with us and see how stimulating are the Torah study sessions and how lively are the participants, even at that early hour ! Torah Study students are providing the brunch. You can register by clicking HERE or by calling the Temple office at 973-992-5560 or email Marty Gilbert ( We'd love to see you on December 3rd.