torah1 Temple Emanu-El: Learn. Relate. Experience. Live. Lomed, Kisher, Hitnasah. Chai. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our task as a sacred Jewish community is to nurture, encourage and include all who choose to enter and explore their own unique Jewish journey. We will support one another as we navigate the path(s) of Jewish education by learning, relating, experiencing and living. OUR VISION: The wisdom of our tradition teaches us that interpreting Torah is like entering into an orchard (Pardes)*.  As we approach the entrance to this vast field of trees ready to begin our journey, we are faced with a choice: which path or paths will we follow?  We embark on this journey through the Pardes and travel upon our own unique, winding, intersecting paths. The route we choose to tread is ours and ours alone, yet we do not enter alone. Our orchard is the Temple Emanu-El community, providing us with companions with whom we can traverse on our journey. And just as our Jewish lives are not bound by the walls of our temple, neither are our educational journeys. Once we choose to enter the Pardes that is Temple Emanu-El, every moment of every day we have the potential to discover something new about ourselves, our faith, who we are, and who we want to be in the world. This is the way we live and explore our Jewish values and Jewish way of life. OUR CORE BELIEFS: • We believe that Judaism is a way of life and that it provides meaning, purpose, belonging, and blessing in one’s life. • We believe in creating opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn how our own unique Jewish journeys are guided by the wisdom of our tradition and Torah.  We accomplish this by sharing our stories, building and maintaining meaningful relationships, and expanding our connections to ourselves, family, friends, community, Israel, the world and God. • We believe in creating innovative, collaborative, experiential learning opportunities based on individual interests, schedules, and learning styles that are helpful to our daily lives. • We believe in establishing a dedicated, creative, engaging, nurturing team of educators who serve as positive Jewish role models. • We believe in providing ways inside and outside the temple to enhance one’s authentic Jewish journey that recognize the whole person – intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. • We believe in integrating Jewish learning, which leads to mitzvot, within our lives and within the congregation. * PaRDeS is also an acronym for the following four Hebrew words; Peshat (the simple meaning), Remez (the deep meaning), Derash (the comparative meaning), and Sod (the esoteric meaning). Each word represents another layer of meaning for us to reveal and can be applied to our unique Jewish journeys.