Mezuzah Cover from Morocco on Display at the Jewish Museum

We are looking forward to taking our fourth graders to the Jewish Museum of Manhattan on Sunday, November 15. Our morning will begin at the regular start of school, 8:45 am, with our fourth graders attending the first ten minutes of shirah. At 8:55 we will leave shirah and load the buses. Our tour of the museum, which begins at 10:00 am, will focus on Jewish life cycle ritual objects from around the world. The museum has made this tour specifically for our students. This trip is an integral part of our studies of "Amcha (The Jewish People) and Me," as our fourth graders foci are the Jewish life cycle and Jews around the world. As an integral part of our studies we expect all of our students to join us for this field trip.
The students will leave the museum at 11:15 am and hopefully therefore will be back at the temple by 12:15 pm. We recognize that this makes a longer day than regular and we thank you for allowing us to spend more time together. The museum, like most museums in the City, does not open until 10:00 am.