Yasher Koach to Bonnie Hollis and Barbara Levadi for presenting our Rosh Chodesh program for the month of Adar II, "The Real Housewives of Shusan"!  The evening began with our candle lighting ceremony. This month four women lit candles in honor or memory of women in their lives who are or were courageous and shared their stories. Then the fun began as Queen Esther (Barbara) and the ghost of Vashti (Bonnie) retold the story of Purim complete with groggers to all attending. Our program continued with us contemplating the thought "Just as Queen Esther and Vashti stepped out of their comfort zones, share an incident in your life when you also felt compelled to do the same. The responses were amazing. Fortitude, bravery and morality were some of the topics discussed. A Purim celebration would not be complete without hamantaschen and libations which were enjoyed by all. A banner had been revealed earlier with the quote "Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History!" Our Rosh Chodesh group is certainly making their own!
Submitted by Susan Posner, Sisterhood Spiritual Chair